VBRI formulates digital equipment to contain the spread of Coronavirus


The core result of this international consortium is to be driven on global health and the current epidemic of a novel coronavirus majorly spreading over 100 countries including India.

The VBRI intends to provide high tech medical care for mass. World Health Organization concerns about the global epidemic of Coronavirus and controls its spreading at the high end. In the current scenario, VBRI developed digital medicine technology for the spreading of coronavirus with the help of the consortium of scientists from multiple countries.

This innovation is perpetuated to create multi-lateral consortium in the area of ‘High-end healthcare innovation and technology’. Adaptation of advanced technologies and their logical integration according to contemporary healthcare measures could be smart strategies for epidemic management activities. Establishing an advanced phenotype model for prognosis is important to step in the prevention of infectious disease management such as the novel coronavirus.

“In the same line, VBRI invented a digital medicine, which can utilize wireless technologies based on prognosis and gathered biological phenotype signatures through all sorts of real-time epidemiological data with the help of internet of things and remote sensing methodologies such as satellite images, aerial survey, and usage of drone, considered more effective in spread and identification of hot spots of virus infection,” said Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Chairman and Managing Director, VBRI Group.

He said, “Further, in proposed model extraction of meaningful information through analytics programs of cloud computing and smart learning models and execution of further logical actions by data and clinical experts should be considered the appropriate global lead”.

The core result of this international consortium is to be driven on global health and the current epidemic of a novel coronavirus majorly spreading over 100 countries including India. VBRI advocates best health care that could reach home using their cloud care hath technology. The experts are now engaged in the integration of digital medicine with challenges of coronavirus epidemic and how it could be put together with existing cloud computing and database management platforms of VBRI.

The technology is invented by the consortium of interdisciplinary scientists working in VBRI working in important fields like healthcare, IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, and chemical engineering, and witnessed an exchange of ideas and recognized effective research and technology for a better tomorrow. The consortium was joined by experts from India, Sweden, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Prof. (Dr.) Ashutosh Tiwari, Chairman, and Managing Director, VBRI Group demonstrated the preventive and prognosis technology for coronavirus epidemic using AI-enabled wireless medicine.

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