Top 4 reasons to visit a dentist today

▴ Top 4 reasons to visit a dentist today
Nothing beats a great smile. A smiling face is a beautiful face and a smiling heart is a happy heart: Get a healthy smile and teeth by visiting a professional dentist today

“A smile is the prettiest thing to wear” This quote holds quite true. A genuine smile comes from being worth millions and needs good dental care. To get those sparkling shiny teeth, you need to take care of your dental hygiene and make sure you visit your dentist today. Dental care is often given less priority when it comes to health. Many of us avoid visiting a dentist these days mainly due to fear of pain or due to lack of time and self-care and not to forget the global pandemic COVID19. Confined to home, we have been simply neglecting the need for dental care. Visiting a professional dentist for better dental care can help you not only maintain your teeth but also good oral hygiene. Let’s take a sneak peek into your dental hygiene and care by knowing the real reasons to visit the dentist today. 

Reason # 1 Bad breath 

This is the most common reason. Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth could be a warning symptom of periodontal disease or it can be simply a buildup of bacteria in the mouth or food debris collected between your teeth. Bad breath also termed as halitosis is an unpleasant smell from your mouth that can be a great “turn off” for others.

The best solution here is to visit your dentist today who will provide you with a dental clean-up and guidance to maintain good oral hygiene. Every human has a different set and structure of teeth. Understanding your unique structure of teeth from the choice of toothpaste to the mouthwashes prescribed by your dentist can be quite valuable for your smile. 

Reason # 2 Teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening is a quick, easy, and best way to enhance your smile. Just a simple teeth whitening procedure can help you get that gorgeous and shiny smile that can add attraction to your personality. Aesthetics are given top priority these days. Keeping it simple and straight by getting into the regular procedure of teeth whitening can help you keep yellowness and teeth stains at bay. Yellow teeth do not signify bad oral hygiene. Drinking tea and coffee regularly can affect your teeth' enamel and wear it down. 

Visit your dentist today for that attractive smile. 

Reason # 3 Plaque, cavities, tartar 

Plaque can destroy your teeth. If dental plaque is neglected at an early stage, it can be very difficult to remove once it hardens on the teeth. Taking the correct action by visiting your dentist during the early stages of the formation of plaque can help you to save your tooth which is precious to you. 

A professional expert dentist will provide the right solution for your teeth and prevent them from decaying at an early stage. 

Reason # 4 Your gums and teeth are sensitive to the touch of cold or hot things

Sensitivity to the teeth is often felt when your tooth nerve roots are exposed due to the loss of the “dentin”. Here is when you need help. The real cause behind it would be the cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth or worn-out dental filling, or gum disease. To find the exact cause, a dentist will do a complete oral check-up and treat the root of the problem. Neglecting the sensitivity can be problematic in the long run which may lead to hypersensitivity of gum even to the touch of the toothbrush.

Visiting a dentist is a good option as he can inspect the real cause behind the problem and help you with sparkling teeth and good oral health. 

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