Guidelines and Tips from Dr. Mahendra Dadke Senior Consultant - Jupiter Hospital, Pune MBBS, MD(General Medicine)

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The kids and elderly people are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the monsoon season.

As the rainy season has started along with the covid-19 disease we will have to start preparing ourselves to tackle non-covid-19 diseases in the monsoon. The kids and elderly people are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the monsoon season. There are chances of having water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, viral fever, gastrointestinal infections, and dysentery are very high during the rainy season. Dengue and malaria patients have already started visiting the hospital. As the rain moderates the climate it helps in increasing the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Thereby increasing the chances for disease and infections.

Dr. Mahendra Dadke has completed his MD in General Medicine and is a Senior Consultant at Jupiter Hospital, Pune. Here he shares his thoughts on the onset of various diseases due to rainy season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Below are some precautions he advises to take during these uncertain times

''We in the hospital too are taking necessary precautions for all the patients, before entering the hospital all are compulsory given mask and sanitization, even if the patient is suffering from fever until and unless he/she goes through all the necessary tests that a patient is suspected. Only after the test the non-covid-19 patients have given the further necessary treatment,'' he says

The most common problems during the monsoon that needs to take care of are respiratory infections, cold, and flu. It is important that people with low immunity needs to take extra care during this season. People who are suffering from any disease should be more cautious. They can be infected by bacteria which can cause extra diseases to them.

• The most important thing is to avoid getting wet in the rain. As much as it is enticing, walking in the rain makes you inclined to viral ailments as well. Rainwater is not good for health as it can cause cold and viral infection.

• Wet and dirty garment helps in increasing the growth of germs. By wearing dirty and wet clothes you can get skin infection caused by bacteria and fungi.

•Make sure you don’t touch your face with dirty hands as there are chances for flu, virus and germs to enter your body through nose, eyes, and mouth.

• Stay Away from Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes, flies, and insect are always welcomed with the monsoon that can majorly affect your body in a bad way. Be careful and stay away from stagnant water where mosquitoes breed and other types microbial diseases can happen.

•Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet: By having a healthy diet your body will be nourished with proteins, vitamins that make the body strong to fight against infections. It can be really helpful if you eat green vegetables, fruits, and cereals during rainy season.

• When you get wet make sure you take shower immediately as rainwater is not good for your body as it contains acid which can cause infections.

• During this season usually, clothes do not get dry easily because the sky is covered with clouds and the sun shines very rarely hence, make sure you don’t wear does wet clothes its important you wear Dry clothes and footwear.

• Lastly keep your home clean and pest free: Always ensure that there is no water logging in your home because it can be a breeding place for mosquitoes and other harmful microbial infections. Use mosquito repellent to stay away from mosquitoes.

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