Benefits of Yoga to overcome Anxiety

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Yoga is a universal medicine for mental health related issues.

Anxiety, Fear, Stress - If we start contemplating the experiences associated with these feelings, we might lose the count . Worrying about the results of the board exam, or the parents' response to the report card, first meeting or work interview. Nervousness - We've all gone through these moments. Fear is also very important, like salt in food, so that we remain disciplined, focused and dynamic.

The problem starts when this fear continues to dominate and interfere in our daily lives. Then it can take the form of an anxiety disorder, extreme discomfort or fear of something unknown that needs to be treated, and that is where yoga proves useful.

It is very important to know that only yoga should not be considered as its only cure. Yoga should be used as a supplement only with the consultation of doctor or specialist and drug treatment. Therapists can give you the right advice about your condition and can tell you better what kind of anxiety disorder you are suffering from; Such as - panic disorder, affective compulsive disorder (obsessive compulsive disorder), shock stress disorder (post traumatic stress disorder), social stress disorder (social anxiety disorder) or general anxiety (generalized anxiety).

Note: Allopathy medicines can cause many unwanted effects, so you can also use alternative remedies, such as homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Regular yoga practice can help you to remain calm and relaxed. Regular yoga practice can help you to remain calm and relaxed and at the same time empowers you to face the problems that have gone unchallenged. Yoga practice is ideally a perfect co-ordination of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and ancient yogic science, and all of these have given many anxious individuals the ability to re-heal as well as to live life positively again.

The following yoga techniques can help calm the unstable mind:

1.Keep your body relaxed in various yoga poses
2.Relieve stress with the right breathing method by Pranayama
3.Meditate to get calm
4.Be happy by bringing yoga science into regular practice in your life and enjoy every moment
5.Pray, respect and keep smiling
6.Consider what you can do for others
7.Understand the temporary nature of the universe
8.Recall a similar past situation when you emerged from worry
9.Be positive around you

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