8 Food you should never eat for breakfast

▴ Foods you should never eat for breakfast
Breakfast is one of the important meals of the day. There are some unhealthy foods which could cause harm to the body if eaten for breakfast

Breakfast is very important to keep the body energized throughout the day, Breakfast should be good and full of nutrition. You should never skip or avoid it. Many times, people choose the wrong food for breakfast in the morning. The wrong diet directly affects our body. When we wake up in the morning after a long duration of sleep, our stomach is empty. It is the morning time when our stomach is fasting for the longest time.  So, for breakfast, you should not include such things that should not be eaten on empty stomach. The purpose is to provide a healthy, energetic body throughout the day.

Consumption of salad - salad is very important for health, but eating salad on an empty stomach can cause harm instead of benefit. If you do so, you may suffer from gas and heartburn problems.

Eating citrus fruits – Citrus fruits like orange, mosambi, lemon, and kiwi on an empty stomach can be harmful. Citrus fruits are acidic, which can cause problems like gastric and heartburn if eaten on an empty stomach. 

Banana - Banana is a very good diet but it should be avoided on an empty stomach, consumption of bananas on an empty stomach can cause problems like vomiting and stomach discomfort. 

Carbonated drinks - Carbonated drink is not good for health, although people still take it. If you also take these drinks, then never try to have them on an empty stomach. 

Tomatoes – Tomatoes can cause harm if eaten on an empty stomach. Like citrus fruits, tomatoes are also acidic which can be harmful to our stomach.

Fruit juices – Fruit juices are loaded with sugar and relatively low in other aspects of nutrition especially if they are highly processed and bulk produced.

Pancakes, waffles, muffins – These are the classic breakfast dishes, loved and enjoyed by most of us. However, they are too high in refined flour and sugar.

Flavored Yogurts – Plain yogurt is healthy but flavored is filled with sugars and even harmful ingredients. Sugar gives only unnecessary calories.

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