10 ways to boost your confidence

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We are more inclined towards knowing what another person thinks about us. This leads to our self-esteem going down

     As fabulous as you are, you aren't born with an endless pool of confidence and self-esteem. Truth be told! Nobody is! While you're full of happy mood and chirpy on some days, moving around your office or home as if you are God’s best creation, there are days when you feel like you are nothing and just want to draw the curtains and lie in bed and wish that nobody finds you. Those are the days when you need these tips to feel more confident.

  1. Love yourself

This can be the most difficult thing to do since in this fast-paced world, we forget to stop and reflect on ourselves - what we like, what we feel, what we think. We are more inclined towards knowing what another person thinks about us. This leads to our self-esteem going down when we see those judgy eyes. So stop right now, talk to yourself. INTROSPECT and love yourself first because as they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup! 

  1. Be Kind to Others

Everyone is fighting their own battle that we do not know about. So be kind. If on any given day you feel like you don't mean much to the rest of the world, buy a meal for a homeless or a snack for your ola driver, drop someone on your way if you have a vehicle, help your neighbor carry those grocery bags upstairs. By doing these small deeds, you will be convinced that you are after all not a bad person. 

  1. Keep your back arched

When you slouch is when you feel down about yourself. Make sure to straighten your back, preferably arch it, to get that instant mood lift. 

  1. Learn something new

Learn a new language or take up those paintings or baking class you were meaning to since long. Now is the time since everyone is working from home and so are those classes available at the ease and comfort of your sofa. You’ll be doing a great deal to yourself by placing the fresh information into your brain. This will immediately cultivate a sense of satisfaction which in turn will increase the overall morale. 

  1. Clean something

No maids and you have been meaning to clean your room/ house/ cupboard for long? Do it right away!  It's the simplest lesson in Feng Shui — if you want a clear mind, clear out your bedroom. And trust me, when you achieve it, you're much more likely to be the owner of happy, uplifting thoughts.

6. Set a goal, write it down and then do it

The goal can be as simple as calling a friend or maybe your mom or water your plants. Anything! When we are filled with a sense of accomplishment, we are flooded with positivity about ourselves. It doesn't have to be an elaborate goal but striking it off on that paper/ an app will give you instant boost confidence and satisfaction.

  1. Listen to music

Did you know music can make you feel happy? Of course, if you are listening to happy sings and not the sad ones! So put on those happy songs that make you want to get up and dance or just throw in some steps and sing on top of your voice to get all of that bad energy out and breathe in the positive vibes. A good song can psychologically alter your state of mind; if it's an upbeat melody with a happy message, you'll quickly reach a state of dominance and confidence. 

  1. Ask for help if required

Never ever and I repeat, never ever not ask for help when you really need it. Want someone to listen to you, call them and talk. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it means that you consider someone worthy enough to help you and that you will definitely be there when someone else is in need. And if we go to see, that is how humans function. Without our vegetable vendor helping us by selling veggies in the market we wouldn’t be able to eat. Simple! 

  1. Say a ‘Thank you God’ prayer

Do you have a house? Check

Do you have food on the table? Check

Do you have a loving family? Check

You are in good health? Check

Do you have a job? Check

If you have at least 3 checks out of these 5, thank God for it. Pray that the others suffering or who do not have access to as basic things as medical help in these times. Pray for their speedy recovery, that they have food to eat, and a roof above them. 

  1. List down all the good things in life

Take a piece of paper and list down all the things that are going right in your life, I am pretty sure there are so many. It's easy to forget them when you're not at your lowest, so the physical act of reminding yourself will help you bring back to reality.

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